These documents are provided electronically for the express purpose of assisting design engineers, software developers, and end-users with frequently asked questions about Rockwell products.

Rockwell does not manufacture modems, just the chipsets that go into many modems. For specifics about particular hardware/software, it is often best to consult the actual manufacturer directly.

The documents are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) 3.0 format.
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DG Designer's Guide
RM Reference Manual
UG User's Guide

MCD DG Document List

No. Rev. Link Date Type Description
1009 R.5 1158.pdf 28-Oct-97 DG SocketModem SF Series - Designer's Guide
1046 R.3 1046r3.pdf 2-Aug-96 DG RCV336ACF/SP and RCV144ACF/SP Modem Device Designer's Guide
1048 NC 1048r3a1.pdf 5-May-95 RMAddendum to AT Command for RC288ACi and RC288ACL Modem Families
1048 R.4 1048r4.pdf 20-Feb-97 RM AT Command Reference Manual for RC336ACi and RC336ACL Modem Families
1054 NC 1054.pdf 11-Sep-95 DG RC288ACi/DSVD Modem Designer's Guide
1061 NC 1061.pdf 22-Aug-96 DG RCV336DPFL/SP Modem Designer's Guide
1062 NC 1062.pdf 22-Aug-96 DG RCV336ACFL/SP Modem Designer's Guide
1087 NC 1087.pdf 4-Nov-96 DG RCDSVD Speech Codec Processor (SCP) Hardware Description
1090 NC 1090.pdf 5-Feb-96 UG ACiSP(DSVD)924 (AK28-D340) Modem/Sound PC Full Card Accelerator Kit
1091 R.1 1091r1.pdf 1-Jul-96 DG Multifunction PC Card Interface Control Adapter for Modem and Ethernet Functions (PICA-M)
1093 NC 1093.pdf 2-Aug-96 UG RCV144ACF/SP and RCV288ACF/SP AccelerATor™ Kit
1096 NC 1096.pdf 2-May-96 DG RC288ACL/SVD Modem Designer's Guide
1098 NC 1098.pdf 7-May-96 UG RCV288ACL/SVD PC Card (AK28-D500)
1100 NC 1100.pdf 25-Apr-96 DG RC288ACLW-GSM, RC144ACLW-GSM, RC144ACFLW-GSM Modem
1101 R.1 1101r1.pdf 3-Oct-96 DG WaveArtist 010 Audio System Device
1103 R.1 1103r1.pdf 3-Oct-96 DG WaveArtist 030 Music Processor
1104 R.1 1104r1.pdf 3-Oct-96 DG WaveArtist 100 and 300 Audio System Devices
1105 NC 1105.pdf 2-Aug-96 DG RCV336ACF/SVD Modem Device Designer's Guide
1105 R.1 1105r1.pdf 7-Jan-97 DGRCVDL56ACF/SVD, RCV56ACF/SVD, and RCV336ACF/SVD Modem Device Designer's Guide
1109 R.1 1109r1.pdf 28-Dec-96 UG ACFSP/RWA300/200 (AK28-D640) Modem/Audio PC Half Card Accelerator Kit
1119 NC 1119.pdf 27-Feb-97 DGRCVDL56DPFL/SP, RCV56DPFL/SP, and RCV336DPFL/SP Modem Designer's Guide
1121 NC 1121.pdf 24-Feb-97 DGRCVDL56ACFL/SP, RCV56ACFL/SP, and RCV336ACFL/SP Modem Designer's Guide

Fax DG Document List

No. Rev. Link Date Type Description
1011 R.1 1011ar1.pdf 13-Sep-95 DG RFX96V12 and RFX144V12 MONOFAX Modem Designer's Guide Addendum for the RFX96V12-23 and RFX144V12-S23 MONOFAX Modems
1069 R.1 1069r1.pdf 19-Dec-96 DG R288F DG
1070 NC 1070.pdf 14-Feb-96 DG RFX144V24-S23 and RFX96V24-S23 MONOFAX Modems Designer's Guide

Network Access (NAD) DG Document List

No. Rev. Link Date Type Description
1081 R.1 1081r1.pdf 15-Jan-97 DG RC336DDP Digital Data Pump
1082 R.1 1082r1.pdf 15-Nov-96 DG RC336CSM Modem Device Set
1126 NC 1126r1.pdf 11-Mar-97 DG RC56DDP Digital Data Pump
1127 NC 1127.pdf 3-Mar-97 DG RC56CSM Central Site Modem Device
1128 NC 1128.pdf 15-Feb-97 RM AT Command Reference Manual for RC56CSM