These documents are provided electronically for use with the expressed purpose of assisting software developers and end users develop applications incorporating Rockwell's ADPCM format. These files and information are provided "AS IS" and are NOT supported.

Hardcopy versions of these and other documents can be obtained by contacting your Local Sales Office.

WAV to RIF Conversion Utility and ADPCM Source Code

The conversion utilities are available in 2 forms: The DOS conversion programs (DMAIN.EXE, DMAINB.EXE) convert between Rockwell's ADPCM .RIF files to linear PCM files in a .WAV file format suitable for playback on standard MPC hardware, such as a sound card, and vice-versa. Typing DMAIN ? (DMAINB ?) will return online help for command line syntax. Both utilities perform the necessary interpolation to various frequencies and decimation to 7200 hz ADPCM as documented in section 12 of the VAPI document, when converting from ADPCM to PCM and back. DMAINB.EXE differs in frequency response rolloff characteristics, requires more CPU throughput for conversion between linear data format to Rockwell's ADPCM format, but yields better frequency response characteristics.

The Developer's kit includes the conversion utility libraries D.OBJ and DB.OBJ, which provide the conversion capability between Rockwell's ADPCM and linear PCM data formats. The library source code is included as a reference. You can use the example code which may be generated from the VAPI to record a standard message and submit this to the test harness. To vary the compression rate, modify the init value in the example source provided. The default is 4 bits per sample.


The Rockwell Voice Application Programmer's Interface (VAPI) is a kit that allows software developers on the PC and Mac quickly develop applications utilizing the Voice functions and formats provided in Rockwell modem chipsets. The VAPI serves as an extended application note, illustrating the abstraction of low-level AT-voice modem commands to high-level Windows programming. Source code for just the ADPCM format is available as well.

Other Online Voice related files

Pointers to these files are provided on a "AS IS" basis. The files referenced in this section were not publically released by Rockwell... so... caveat emptor. If you are desperate for any information, they might be of use to you.

Voice Guide 2.x (MS Windows)

VoiceGuide is a Windows based program for graphical designing and implementing/running automated telephone call handling systems using a Rockwell chipset Voice-capable modem. Demonstrations of various Voice-Response systems are included to demonstrate the software: New scripts can be designed using VoiceGuide's graphical module-based design environmnet. 16 various module types come with VoiceGuide, with support for the user/third parties to write their own more specialized modules (eg Credit Card verifiers, Booking systems' Database access). The system supports CallerID, and the records of all calls received are stored in an ACCESS database. The program detects and switches between incoming Fax and Data calls. VoiceGuide now also works with .WAV files.

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voiceutil (DOS)

Try /pub/simtel/msdos/voiceutil