Objects and Databases


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Objects and Databases

Objects and Databases: Course Outline

Object-Relational Databases are a viable evolutionary path

The Object Relational model allows new types of data to be stored in the tables

Oracle 8 builds on top of the existing Oracle RDBMS

The intention behind the Oracle 8 approach is to support multiple implementation languages

Oracle ORDBMS has a number of new types

The Oracle 8 definition of Object Types

Oracle 8 Syntax for creating an Object Type

Using an Object Type within a Table

Null Objects are not the same as an Object with Null Attributes

Oracle makes a distinction between Row objects and Column objects

A Reference (REF) is a strongly typed pointer to a Row Object

REFs are similar to Foreign Keys, but much easier to manage and use

The use of REFs to Row Objects will allow complex data to be handled in Oracle 8

Summary so far: Object-Relational databases are a major step

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