Objects and Databases


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Objects and Databases

Objects and Databases: Course Outline

An Object Oriented DBMS is seen by many as the wave of the future

But Relational Databases are still being adopted at an increasing rate

The standards for Object Databases are not set by the usual ANSI (X3H2 SQL) committees

The Prime Goal of the ODMG is to expand the use of Object Databases

The ODMG sees an OODBMS as revolutionary rather than an evolutionary step

An OODBMS is a DBMS that integrates OO Programming and Database capabilities

ODMG 2.0 Architecture

The ODMG 2.0 Object Model specifies the constructs supported by an OODBMS

A type has two aspects; a Specification and zero or more Implementations

Objects are created from language binding implementations of the specifications

A rich set of Literals is also provided

The Object Definition Language defines the specifications of types that conform to ODMG

Object Query Language is close to SQL92 with OO extensions

ODMG Object Query Language Examples

The Java Language Binding is seamless for programming and database operations

POET provides a good example of a Java implementation of an OODBMS

Summary of Key Points

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