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Latest update: we now have access to the latest in online convenience! The EasyDivorceOnline website will help those couples who are just not sure how easy breaking vows made before themselves and all of society can really be!

More resources and Java references will be available as we merge the Garnet server and the emerald servers into an integrated site. More courseware will be available RealSoonNowTM :) as well

CGI script examples are avaliable by clicking here:

If you want to save the examples just right click on the name and "Save Target As" to download. You might want to use a current version of Netscape Navigator, version 3.01 or more recent, and Internet Explorer, version 3.02 or higher. Your browser should be able to support HTML 3.2, in the least.

There are some new links added to this site as well.


Interesting Sites:

Note that Darryl's IP Primer only makes sense if you grab a handy dandy Subnet Calculator

On Another note, some cool oracle stuff is happening. You can connect via the JDBC Applet under our old friend scott. Thanks to Oracle corp for the server software. This is a live 9i with java database.

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Updated: April 19, 2004